Are you having problem with your laser printer?
Page print is Smeared? Fuzzy or just unclear?
Do you ofen have paper jams?
Are you getting error messages?

If you experience any or all of the common problems above, call us to fix it today. We also offer GREAT pricing on Toners, and Fusers as well as printer parts for the do it yourselfers.

Rate Chart
Regular Rate Work Week - (9-5 M-F) $110.00 an hour* $55.00 each additional hr
SAVE $$$ - Pick-up & Delivery $125.00 FLAT (most repairs, not including parts)
Phone Support $65.00 per hr
Remote Support $89.00 FLAT
Weekends Holidays & Emergencies Hourly rate + $99.00 fee

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Virus Removal Special $89

We deploy the latest technologies to get rid of all spyware/adware/malware and rogueware. Often other companies only put a "bandaid" on the problem, we do a complete job and we gurantee it!

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